Commercial Laundry Leasing in Fort Myers

Generate money and entice future tenants with commercial laundry leasing in Fort Myers

Commercial Laundry Leasing in Fort MyersIf you are a business owner or manager planning to build an on-site laundry facility for your business or multi-rental property Commercial Laundries can help you realize that goal. Perhaps you already have an existing laundry facility and are interested in incorporating additional laundry machines to your facility. As an industry leader in the great state of Florida, we can help you establish a new laundry facility or upgrade an existing one with new and used laundry equipment. It you are working on a tight budget and cannot outlay a large amount of money at this time, we offer excellent commercial laundry leasing in Fort Myers.

You will be able to create the laundry facility that you desire without an expensive initial investment by taking advantage of our commercial laundry lease options programs. You will also receive a complete laundry package that includes a utility assessment report that can help you save money. Our team of technicians will assess the performance and energy effectiveness of your machines to determine where there are problems with waste and over-consumption of electric, gas and water. The team will also assess your utility bills and the layout of the facility to provide improvement recommendations. You will benefit with our lease options because we customize our leasing programs to fit into your budget and goals. By leasing commercial washers and dryers, you can establish the ideal laundry facility that works best for your business needs without the expense.

If you manage a multi-rental apartment complex, student dormitory or condominium, you can begin to collect revenue on your pay-per-load machines. A large portion of our business is in our lease option programs and when you partner with us we provide you with free maintenance of all leased machines for the lifetime of the lease contract. Your technician will make sure that your machines are operating at their peak performance levels to save you money and satisfy tenants by providing them with a pleasant laundry experience.

Commercial Laundries is a company that is dedicated to providing excellent customer service to our clients along with quality laundry equipment. We are an authorized dealer of Energy-Star rated regular or coin and card operated washers and dryers. Our machines are known for their superb performance and are durable and can withstand the daily rigors of continuous use. We can offer you some of the finest popular brands in the industry, such as Whirlpool, Speed Queen and Maytag. And we often reward our leasing partners with bonuses or money for facility improvements when you sign-on with us or renew a leasing contract. Our team can help you set-up a new facility or rearrange an existing one to maximize the effectiveness of your available space. If you are operating a laundry facility that caters to a student campus, then you will need machines that can take an extra beating. With commercial laundry leasing in Fort Myers, we can provide you with the best choice of machinery to do the job. Our campus laundry program is designed to deliver outstanding performance while also being energy efficient.

Some businesses need an on-premise laundry facility such as hotels, restaurants, private schools and nursing homes. The need for a constant turnover of clean bed-linens, table cloths and napkins, towels and other sundries is an important aspect of effectively operating your business. You can establish an efficient laundry facility by leasing commercial washers and dryers from us. By having your own on-premise laundry facility, and not having to outsource, you will save approximately 50% of your laundry expense.  Besides the cost effectiveness that is provided, your employees will also have control over the availability of clean laundry. Outsourcing problems include shipments being delayed or a truck breaking down, and inclement weather obstructing roads, etc. It is always a better management option to be able to keep the operation of your business under your own control.

Commercial Laundries, Inc. can supply you with reliable and affordable commercial laundry leasing in Fort Myers. We look forward to establishing a partnership with you to help facilitate your commercial laundry needs. You can contact Commercial Laundries Fort Myers today at 239-307-0623.