How Card Operated Laundry Machines Work

Wondering if card operated laundry machines could be right for your property? Learn how they work today.

Card Operated Laundry MachinesNow you can upgrade your retail laundry facility with new card operated laundry machines. Your patrons will love the new laundry card system because it is convenient and easy to use. They will not have to gather coins together to do their laundry; all they need is their Smart Card. Our card operated laundry machines are available in front and top loaders, and we also have stackable equipment for smaller facilities with a limited amount of space. You can have all the benefits of advanced technology when you select card operated machines.

Card operated machinery is preferred by most patrons because it is easy to use. Just one slide through the scanner on the machine with their plastic Smart card and the machine is engaged for use. Every laundry transaction is stored on the microprocessor chip embedded in the card, and each transaction will add a debit to the card. Your patrons may add more credit to their card, by simply engaging a credit/debit card at the Clean Pay kiosk system located in your laundry facility. A laundry card system will also make book keeping and collections easier for you. You will no longer have to empty out coin vaults from each machine, because all transactions are delivered electronically to one account location. This makes data access and book keeping a much simpler task than what was previously done in the past. Smart Card technology reduces the need for laundry room administrative duties, since the Clean Pay kiosk provides a clear audit trail.

Commercial Laundries is a leading commercial laundry vendor in Florida and we service many laundry facilities throughout the State. We carry commercial laundry machines for sale or lease that are DOE compliant to better serve the handicapped community. All of our machines are Energy Star rated to bring cost-effective solutions to unnecessary energy usage and waste. Our goal is to help you operate an energy-efficient and cost-effective commercial laundry facility, and we accomplish this with the quality products that we offer. Our card operated laundry machines provide many great features, such as:

  • Multiple cycle options and water temperature selections
  • Metal components
  • Easy to use digital display panels
  • Stainless steel or porcelain enamel washtubs to gently move laundry around the machine
  • Automatic suspension balancing systems
  • Quick speed agitators and extractors
  • Quiet but powerful blower systems in all dryers, with multiple heat cycles

Our sale reps can help you select the right coin or card operated laundry machines that will best serve your business needs and patron expectations. All of our commercial laundry machines for sale come with a warranty to ensure your satisfaction. Commercial Laundries also offers many great services such as: delivery, installation, maintenance visits, repair services and Utility Assessment Reports. We license, insure, and educate our expert team of technicians and mechanics. They are capable of servicing your coin or card operated laundry equipment and will keep it operating at its maximized level of performance. This will please your patrons, and eliminate waste, decrease wear and tear on your machines and save you money on reduced energy usage.

We understand the importance of having reliable and cost-effective laundry equipment to keep your laundry business running smoothly and profitably. We can upgrade your existing laundry facility with new card operated laundry equipment. If you are interested in commercial laundry machines for sale or lease, contact Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at: 239-307-0623.