Choosing a Used Commercial Washer and Dryer: What You Need to Know

used commercial washer and dryerGet the used commercial washer and dryer equipment you need to retain and entice tenants at Commercial Laundries Fort Myers.

You can buy the best coin operated washer and dryer equipment in Fort Myers from Commercial Laundries. We are an industry leader of commercial laundry products and services in Florida, servicing thousands of on-site laundry facilities throughout the state. Our fine products are available in a variety of makes and models from such popular manufacturers as Maytag, Whirlpool and Speed Queen. Our coin operated washing machines for sale are built to endure the rigors of daily commercial laundry use, and maintain a high performance level to ensure a cleaner laundry outcome. Both our new and used commercial washer and dryer units have advanced technology that guarantees energy efficiency and minimal waste, so that you can realize significant savings on water, gas and electric costs. Commercial Laundries has been serving the commercial laundry sector of Fort Myers for many years and we would like to serve you too.

Our line of products is produced by some of the most famous American manufacturers in the commercial laundry business, such as Speed Queen, Maytag, and Whirlpool. These companies have been producing laundry equipment for over 100 years and know the laundry business inside-out, and they are committed to keeping Americans working by manufacturing all their products in the U.S. Some of the excellent features of their machines include:

  • Metal components as opposed to plastic, to sustain durability
  • Commercial grade hinges, belts, drum rollers, and drawer gaskets
  • Multiple cycle options including pre-wash, bleach bath, and steam cleaning
  • Decreased drying time that uses less energy
  • High G-force extraction features to remove water and residual waste from laundry

All of our coin operated washing machines for sale are Energy Star certified to bring you great efficiency and cost-effective savings on gas, electric and water costs. Energy Star certification is provided by the U.S. Department of Energy for commercial laundry washers that meet a stringent energy consumption formula, and is reserved for washers that meet a 3.5 cubic foot maximum cylinder size, and a 25 pound capacity. Our new and used commercial washer and dryer equipment has larger capacity drums to service large loads of laundry in a shorter amount of time.

We carry new and used commercial washer and dryer equipment in front or top loading models and also carry space saving stackable equipment for smaller laundry facilities. You can purchase warranted coin operated washing machines for sale at competitive prices, or select one of our lease programs. If your budget is tight at the moment, you can select a tax deductible lease option that will give you the machines you need all within your budget. When you lease from us, you receive the best coin operated washer and dryer units on the market today. One of our technicians will perform regular maintenance visits and repair services free of charge on leased machines for the lifetime of your lease. Our expert technicians will maintain your machines so that they are operating at their maximum level of performance to save you money, and keep your tenants happy.

We also carry the best coin operated washer and dryer units with durable, tamper-proof, large-capacity coin vaults designed to reject slugs or foreign money. If you are interested, we also have Smart Card operated machines with the CleanPay Kiosk system. Whatever machines you choose, your patrons will love the ease of use and excellent performance of our quality machines.

You can learn more about our coin operated washing machines for sale by contacting Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at 239-307-0623.