How to Update from Coin to Card-Operated Laundry Machines

How to update from coin to card-operated laundry machines |

In today’s technological world, it is advantageous to keep your communal laundry room up to speed.  The convenience and possibilities of card-operated laundry machines are endless.

Everything is moving digital and why shouldn’t your multi-housing laundry system be the same?  Let’s face it, cash is becoming more and more obsolete and many people are turning to their debit cards and smartphones to pay for everyday items.  Switching out your coin-operated laundry machines to a laundry card system may seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be.  With some help and guidance from Commercial Laundries Fort Myers, you can be on your way to a new laundry system in no time.

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Step One:  Evaluate

Upgrading your communal laundry to a laundry card system will be beneficial to both you and your tenants.  With a digitized system, you will have more control over your laundry room, and it will free you from collecting coins and manually auditing your amenity.  Your tenants will appreciate the pride you take in modernizing your multi-housing complex and your attention to their needs.  Not only will an updated laundry room improve renter satisfaction, but it will also attract new prospects to your property. The benefits of card-operated laundry machines are limitless.

  • The convenience of paying with a card for renters
  • Tenants can effortlessly add credit to card system with cash or a debit/credit card via CleanPay Kiosk, internet or smartphone application
  • Receive data on tenant usage and preferences
  • 100% electronic audit ability
  • Capability to adjust prices on the penny rather than the quarter
  • Ability to offer promotions
  • Attractive amenity for future renters

Step Two: Choose the right laundry card system for your property

There are many laundry card systems out there, and you may be questioning what system is right for you and your tenants.  At Commercial Laundries we offer a great line of card-operated machines by top manufacturers such as Speed Queen, Maytag, Whirlpool, and Miele.

All our card-operated machines function on a user-friendly laundry card system, CleanPay, that is simple to use and understand.  CleanPay Kiosks would be located in your laundry room where tenants can easily add credit to their account.  The convenience, simplicity, and sleekness of card-operated laundry machines is something your residents will greatly appreciate.

Step Three:  How to convert

There are many routes to take when updating your laundry room.  Are you looking for a gradual transition or a complete upgrade?  You can simply swap out a few machines at a time or completely convert your onsite facility to a new laundry card system all at once.  You decide what is right for you and your budget.  Whether you choose to buy or lease your laundry equipment, you have many options at Commercial Laundries.

Leasing is a great option if you are on a tight budget.  We work with each customer’s individual needs and create a customized leasing program that is tax-deductible.  All our leasing contracts come with service and maintenance included for the lifetime of the lease, freeing you from the worry of spending funds on unexpected repairs.

As we mentioned, the benefits and possibilities are endless.  If you are unsure of what is the right approach for you, contact one of our team members at Commercial Laundries Ft. Myers today for a free estimate or call 239-307-0623. We can help assist you with all the different possibilities and options that fit you best.