Laundry Facilities at Fort Myers Campgrounds

Fort Myers Laundry Facilities at Campgrounds

Your campers will appreciate a functional campground laundry facility when you outfit your campsite with reliable washers and dryers.

Spruce up your campground with a new or improved laundry facility.  Fill your laundry room with vigorous machines that can endure the tough, daily use from your campers.  After a long fun-filled day in the wilderness, your campers will be looking for a nice hot shower and a fresh set of clothes.  With Florida’s ever so changeable weather, an onsite laundry facility would be much appreciated.  Have a look at our robust washers for your camping facilities and contact our team for a  free estimate.

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Discover the Right Machines for your Campground Laundry Facilities

With all the different machines out there on the market, making the right decision for your campground laundry facility might seem daunting, but here at Commercial Laundries we supply you with the top-rated washers and dryers out there.  From coin to card-operated, front loading to top loading, traditional side-by-side models to stackable washers and dryers, we will help you make the best decision for you and your campers.

Coin and Card Operated Machines

Choosing between coin- or card-operated machines is all about which is most convenient for your campground laundry facility and in the end, it comes down to preference.

Our coin-operated machines are reliable and easy to use.  Because they have been around the longest and are most familiar, your campers will feel comfortable accessing these user-friendly machines. Coin-operated equipment is available in front-loading, top-loading, and stackable models. Well built with a solid construction, these robust machines are efficient, top performers and will stand the test of time.

Card operated machines are the wave of the future and real time savers for facility owners.   No need to manage coin machines; campers’ usage is automatically debited from their card for easy bookkeeping.  Campers can easily add more credit with their debit/credit card or cash at the CleanPayKiosk, located inside your campground laundry facility.  An additional benefit is the ability to easily adjust and customize pricing, allowing you to make small changes to how much you charge for different cycles or days of the week.

Top-Loading and Front-Loading Machines

Conventional top-loading machines are well-known for their premium performance and dependable construction.  Our top load washer from Speed Queen, with its Quantum control system, has 27 cycle selections for customizable laundry. Built with a stainless-steel tub and an advanced suspension system to handle vibration, these machines will get the heavy-duty job done for your campers.

Front-loading machines are built with the same durability and controls as our top-loading machine but with an innovative design.  Washers’ front-loading construction balances out large loads of laundry with its smooth tumbling action.  Its tough suspension absorbs weight and movement for a quiet laundry experience.  Front-loaders also use less water and energy as they add water depending on the laundry load size and cycle, saving you on utility costs.

Stackable Machines

With their innovative space-saving design, washers and dryers naturally take up half of your floor space.  These stackable machines give you the ability to double up on your equipment, eliminating wait time for your campers.  Built with a sturdy stainless-steel tub and shock-absorbing suspension, your campers won’t be disappointed with their dependable and efficient performance.

Although campers are looking for a rugged and exciting adventure, when they come to your campground, they will appreciate the option of leaving the dirt behind. Commercial Laundries Fort Meyers has just the machines that your campground is lacking and that your campers desire.  With machines from world-famous manufactures, Maytag, Speed Queen, Whirlpool and Miele, we can outfit your campground laundry facility with equipment that is just as vigorous and rugged as your campers.  Contact one of our team members at 239-307-0623 to get started and be sure to stay up to date with us on Facebook and Twitter.