How to Find the Best Commercial Washers and Dryers in Fort Myers

With the array of options out there on the market, it may be overwhelming to find commercial laundry equipment in Fort Myers.

best commercial washers and dryers in Fort Myers

There are a few things to consider when outfitting a new laundry facility or streamlining an existing amenity:

What type of machines are you looking for?  Would you like to buy or lease your equipment?  How can you get the most of your equipment and save money?  What Fort Myers commercial laundry machine supplier can you depend on? We are here to break it down for you and to show you the simple way to answer all of these questions is by contacting Commercial Laundries Fort Myers.  We have a dedicated and experienced team to help you make all the right decisions for you and your property.

Always Choose Quality Commercial Laundry Equipment in Fort Myers

Quality should be at the top of your priority list.  There are many makes and models on the market to choose from, but when it comes to your onsite laundry amenity, you should be looking for equipment that is built to last.  We know you should never judge a book by its cover, but you can tell a lot about a machine by the looks of it.  Look for machines with metal components, stainless steel or porcelain wash tubs, and easy to operate digital dashboards with multiple cycles.  Commercial Laundries has affordable premium equipment and the best commercial washers and dryers in Fort Myers from brands you can trust, Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool.

Decide if You Would like to Buy or Lease

When it comes down to owning or renting equipment, you have quite a few options as well.  Purchasing gently used commercial laundry equipment is an affordable way to get top of the line equipment for less.  Here at Commercial Laundries Fort Myers, all of our refurbished equipment has gone through rigid testing to ensure they perform as good as new.

Although it’s always nice to own your equipment outright, leasing is another excellent option when funds are limited.  With little to no upfront costs, you can be configuring your new or upgraded facility in no time with our tax-deductible commercial laundry leasing program.   You will save even more with our complimentary service and maintenance plans that accompany all our leases.

Select Eco Friendly Machines that are Good for Your Wallet

The savings continue with our energy efficient commercial laundry equipment in Fort Myers.  All of our machines are High Efficiency, meaning they require less water, gas and energy to operate.  Their Energy Star certification assures you that they meet all modern specifications to save you money on your utility costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Work with a Top Fort Myers Commercial Laundry Machine Supplier

Commercial Laundries Fort Myers has the expertise and the experience to help make your onsite laundry facility successful and the economical solutions for any budget.  As a family owned company since 1972, we have built our foundation on our relationships with our clients and our community.  For our continued support in your commercial laundry venture, we offer comprehensive service and maintenance packages to assist you in upkeeping your equipment.  With our tireless customer service and some of the best commercial washers and dryers in Fort Myers, we know we have the professionalism and equipment you can depend on.


If you take anything away from this article, let it be that quality machinery and a dependable supplier should be at the top of your priority list.  Here at Commercial Laundries Fort Myers, we can offer you both.  Contact our team today at, (239) 307-0623 for the best commercial washers and dryers in Fort Myers.