Use Cashless Laundry Apps in Laundry Facilities

cashless laundry apps in laundry facilities

Mobile and cashless payments are here to stay.  Easily update your laundry operation by using Commercial Laundries Fort Myers’ simple, reliable, and cost-effective Laundryvalue app. It is easily one of the best cashless laundry apps you can get.

Transitioning your laundry facility to a cashless system is effortless.  When you choose to use cashless laundry apps, you are giving your patrons a lot more options and convenience when it comes to their laundry experience.  As a property manager you will quickly notice how beneficial and time freeing our mobile app for laundry payment can be.  Electronic and mobile payments eliminate those small operational costs that come with a coin system and they even increase your revenue.  Additionally, in today’s unparalleled times, business owners are looking for more ways to keep themselves and their patrons safe and healthy.  With contactless payments you are addressing the needs and concerns of your staff and residents by offering a more sanitary and secure environment.

Simple to Install and Use Laundry Apps

No need to worry about the technical details, Commercial Laundries Fort Myers’ cashless laundry system can quickly and easily be set up in your onsite laundry facility by one of our skilled technicians.  Once your mobile app for laundry payment system has been set up, your patrons can pay with their phone in three easy steps.

  1. Download the free Laundryvalue app on an Apple or Android phone or device.
  2. Register, sign in, and insert credit or debit card information.
  3. Start a machine by scanning the QR code via Bluetooth or entering the machine number.

From there, your tenants can easily refill their account and edit their credit card information as needed.  All their accounting information and usage history is available for viewing along with machine status.  Residents can conveniently check for machine availability and receive alerts and notification on their laundry cycle and completion from the comfort of their home.

Reliable and Time Saving

As a property manager you have a lot on your plate, that is why you want to use cashless laundry apps in your facilities to make your job easier.  With the use of our cashless, Laundryvalue app you will instantly have a more secure and reliable laundry system by eliminating the burden of coins.  Human error and theft will no longer be an issue or concern. 


If the convenience for you and your patrons is not convincing enough, think about all the funds you will save when you switch to a mobile app for laundry payment.  With our Laundryvalue app you can forget about the labor costs of counting, collecting, and transporting coins.  All your income is automatically calculated for your remote viewing.  No more repairs for broken or jammed coin boxes or the need for enhanced security.

To your benefit, price adjustments can quickly and easily be made from anywhere.  Remotely, you can set and adjust your machine pricing in smaller increments than the twenty-five cent charges you are bound to with coins.  Research indicates that people are more likely to pay more when paying electronically than with cash.  With your new cashless system, you can easily upsell different wash cycles and customizable features, increasing your revenue.


As a property manager it is important that you put the safety of your tenants and guests first.  Amidst concerns for COVID-19, we know that sanitation and the welfare of everyone on your property is your number one priority.  When you use cashless laundry apps, you can offer you residents contactless payment options and a little peace of mind.  Here at Commercial Laundries Fort Myers we are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our team and our clients.  Let us help you do the same.

Contact Commercial Laundries Fort Myers at, (239) 307-0623 to set up your cashless system and mobile app for laundry payment quickly and safely.