Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Machines for Multi-Housing

For the most dependable and innovative equipment for your laundry amenity, choose Speed Queen commercial laundry machines.

Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Machines for Multi-Housing

When it comes to giving your residents what they need and desire, provide them with equipment that will deliver on all levels while adding value to your laundry facility.  Speed Queen is the name that you can trust to provide top-quality equipment and groundbreaking technology.  Their robust construction and longevity will prove to be a great investment for your property.  Here at Commercial Laundries Fort Myers, we have affordable Speed Queen commercial laundry machines for multi-housing properties and reliable services to support you along the way.

The Speed Queen Name

Speed Queen is an American company established in 1908 and is one of the most well-known and respected commercial laundry producers worldwide.  Since the beginning, they have strived to construct dependable and innovative products for their consumers and community.  Their dedication to continuously improving their products and staying ahead of the competition has put Speed Queen at the top of the market for commercial laundry machines for multi-housing properties.

Speed Queen Equipment

As top producers of self-service card and coin-operated equipment, they are a wise investment for any property.  Their sturdy construction and advanced engineering allow them to stand up to the test of time.  Whether you are searching for new or used Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers in Fort Myers, you and your residents will not be disappointed with their performance.

Speed Queen Innovation

Speed Queen’s revolutionizing features make laundry easier for property managers and tenants and create a satisfying and convenient laundry experience. 

For Residents:

Speed Queen laundry mobile payment app allows users to use their smartphones to pay for their laundry usage and earn rewards for each purchase.  The Wash Alert feature also grants residents remote access to monitor their laundry status and search for available machines, promoting social distancing and safety. 

For Property Managers:

Owners and managers can now increase user incentives by offering reward points and discounts to boost satisfaction and profits.  Remote access also gives property managers and owners the ability to monitor their laundry facility from afar and receive machine reports, track profits, and observe tenant usage.  All these features will give managers peace of mind with full transparency, all from the convenience of their office or home.

Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Machines

Washers and dryers from Speed Queen are among the top-rated and chosen in the commercial laundry sector.  All washers are equipped with a large capacity, stainless-steel washtub for ultimate satisfaction and efficiency.  Each machine is constructed with a sophisticated suspension system that helps with shock absorption and creates a quiet laundry room.  Their high spin speeds exert great force to reduce moisture and add to their energy-efficiency features.  Washers are designed to require less water and energy to lower utility costs and reduce our global footprint.

Affordable Speed Queen Commercial Washers and Dryers in Fort Myers

Commercial Laundries Fort Myers has all types of commercial laundry machines for multi-housing facilities and supportive services to keep them running efficiently.  Our affordable purchasing and leasing options give our consumers the financial options to choose from to best suit their budget and needs.  Lease your commercial laundry machines and save even more in the end with free service and maintenance for the duration of your lease or purchase used washers and dryers that are refurbished and guaranteed to operate like new.  We can also assist you with any commercial laundry repairs or servicing your machines require.

For all your commercial laundry needs and access to the best Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers in Fort Myers, give us a call at, (239) 307-0623.