5 Tips for Purchasing Commercial Washers and Dryers

5 Tips for Purchasing Commercial Washers and Dryers

Get the best most affordable equipment to fulfill all your laundry amenity needs by following these tips for purchasing commercial washers and dryers.

When it comes to starting an onsite laundry facility or revamping an existing amenity, you want to make sure you do things right.  Select durable machines that are new and innovative to deliver on performance and energy-saving features.  Quality commercial-grade equipment is the only way to go if you want to avoid costly servicing, repairs, and replacements down the line.  Additionally, you want a reliable and experienced supplier to choose the right machines for your property and supportive services to run your business successfully.  Here at Commercial Laundries, you can buy commercial washers and dryers in Fort Myers and have it all.

1. Purchase commercial washers and dryers that are durable for reliability and a long lifespan.

From the start, go for quality equipment that is built to last.  This may feel like a splurge at first, but you will realize just how much you will save yourself over time.  Invest in commercial-grade equipment that is built to withstand the treatment of a high-traffic laundry room.  Typically, these machines are more robust and equipped with a larger washtub than your standard household machine.  Check out washers and dryers from Speed Queen, Whirlpool, and Maytag for innovative and reliable machines.

2. Analyze the requirements and payment preferences of your residents for ultimate satisfaction and revenue potential.

Have you decided between purchasing commercial washers and dryers that are coin or card-operated?  Both types of machines will certainly bring great value to your property, but consider the needs and preferences of your residents before making the final decision.  Coin-operated equipment is accessible to everyone, traditional and well accepted.  Card-operated machines are also a great addition and are user-friendly.  As a property owner or manager, what type of business do you want to run?  Laundry mobile apps are also a sound choice and can be added to most machine types, giving your users multiple payment options.

3. Sign up for a commercial washing machine and dryer service and maintenance plan to protect your machines and your investment.

When you buy commercial washers and dryers in Fort Myers, take care of your machines right from the get-go and enroll in a service and maintenance program.  With a dependable servicer, you will find that having a professional set of eyes on your machines will take some stress and responsibility off your plate.  It will also help you avoid unnecessary repairs and damage and protect your investment.

4. Be proactive and knowledgeable about who to call when you are in need of commercial laundry repairs to avoid further damage and save yourself time.

Do your research and find a reliable company to do your commercial washing machine and dryer repairs before it is needed.  This way you will know who you can call when one of your machines is acting up to avoid being out of commission for too long.

5. Know your purchasing and leasing options and how you can save money with different payment solutions.

What kind of budget are you working with?  Is it your dream to own your washers and dryers or are you open to other financial solutions?  Purchasing commercial washers and dryers isn’t the only option out there when you work with a well-established commercial laundry company.  When it comes to buying your machines, you may be pleased to know that used commercial laundry equipment is just as reliable as new and can come at a significantly lower price tag.  For even greater savings, you may want to investigate leasing your equipment for a hassle-free and affordable solution.

Lease or Buy Commercial Washers and Dryers in Fort Myers with Commercial Laundries

Get the best laundry equipment and the most affordable prices with Commercial Laundries Fort Myers.  Here, we have top-quality equipment and dependable services to give you a full-service experience.  Our competitively-priced washers and dryers are available new, used, and for lease.  With our commercial washing machine and dryer lease program you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can save with free delivery and installation, and service and maintenance.

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