Why It’s Easier Than Ever for Condos to Maintain the Best Commercial Laundry Equipment

best commercial laundry equipment

Make Sure Your Washers and Dryers Operate at Their Best

Nothing is more irritating to a person trying to launder their clothes than a washer or a dryer that doesn’t work correctly, so why not choose the best in commercial laundry equipment? If you live in Fort Myers and are looking to ditch your old, substandard, and malfunctioning washers and dryers we’ve got you covered!

Keep reading to find out how a maintenance plan and commercial equipment make a laundry room worry-free!

Maintenance Can Keep Washers and Dryers in Tip-Top Shape

The secret to long-lasting and high-performing laundry equipment is all in maintenance. Commercial machines are built to do laundry all day long and into the night, but even these robust machines need tender, loving care to stay operating in peak condition and to meet the demands of clients.

Southwest Florida’s Top Commercial Laundry Brands

Having a maintenance plan is simply a good idea, everyone has to do laundry and nobody is happy when a washer or dryer is unavailable. Having a skilled, professional technician regularly servicing your laundry room equipment will prevent broken-down machines and spare you the wrath of the people living in the building.

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Are Maintenance Plans Available for Commercial Laundry Equipment in Fort Myers?

Absolutely! When you lease commercial laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries, maintenance is free for the duration of the lease. One of our skilled technicians will regularly visit your laundry room and ensure everything is operating as it should be. And if the machines do break down due to some unforeseen reason, you can expect same-day or next-day repair service.

Visit our equipment leasing page to find out more about leasing commercial equipment for your laundry needs. We offer maintenance plans alongside commercial sales. Visit our sales page to find out which option best suits your situation.

We also offer a good selection of used equipment in our 15,000-square-foot warehouse, refurbished to like-new standards. We also offer laundry room analysis to clients to ensure your setup is allowing peak operational performance and is environment-friendly.

best commercial laundry equipment

8 Reasons to Choose a Maintenance Plan for Commercial Washers and Dryers

  1. You’ll save energy! A regularly scheduled maintenance plan will keep appliances running at peak performance, lowering energy consumption. Damaged electrical equipment draws more power, which leads to higher costs.
  2. You’ll save money! Regular maintenance will uncover any problems before they become expensive repair bills.
  3. You’ll be safer! Sudden equipment failures can be dangerous to the person operating the machine. A maintenance plan will help prevent abrupt failures.
  4. Your washer and dryer will live longer! Equipment that is properly maintained expands the life cycle of said machines. Our maintenance program will add years to the life of your equipment.
  5. Your tenants will be happier! If there are lots of people in the building being down one washer or dryer can impact people’s ability to get laundry done. Having all your laundry equipment functioning keeps people happy!
  6. You won’t have to worry! Having our technicians maintain your equipment regularly will allow you to rarely have to think about the laundry room.
  7. Your clothes will be cleaner! Regular servicing will keep your machines clean and hygienic.
  8. You’ll make more money! When machines are down for repair, they can’t produce income. Having regular maintenance will keep the equipment running and the revenue incoming.

Maintain the Best Condo Laundry Room with Help from Commercial Laundries

When you sign up with Commercial Laundries, you’re getting the best sales and service in Fort Myers. We’ve been servicing, selling, and leasing commercial laundry equipment since 1972, meaning you’ll benefit from the decades of knowledge we have accumulated. We take pride in our work, and continually update our education by keeping that knowledge current with the latest technology, and by offering the most reliable brands such as Maytag, Whirlpool, and Speed Queen. We’re also committed to preserving Florida’s natural beauty, and are proud to offer water and energy-conserving washers and dryers. Whatever your laundry needs may be we have what you’re looking for!

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