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 5 Signs Your Commercial Laundry Equipment Needs Maintenance

When you are operating your commercial laundry facility, the satisfaction of your customers is the top priority. To provide your customers with the best experience possible, you want top-quality machines at high efficiency and operating levels. To ensure that your commercial laundry machines are in top running condition, it is essential that you take the time that you need to monitor the efficiency of your machines and complete routine and necessary maintenance to keep your laundry machines at top performance standards.

There are specific signs and indicators that you should be aware of that will inform you of when your commercial laundry machines are in need of maintenance. The following are signs to be mindful of for your laundry machines within your commercial laundry facility that will indicate it is time to have your machines serviced:

  1. Machines making excessive noise: This is often a strong indicator that your laundry machine is working in overdrive to maintain the same levels of performance. When they are functioning at this level, it is often a first indicator that your machine is in need of repair before further damages are incurred.

  2. Leaking or problems with water draining: If your washing machine is beginning to have problems with the water levels including leaking out of the machine or not draining properly from your machine, it could be an indicator that your hoses or tubes are damaged or the water pump is not functioning properly.

  3. Laundry machines are using too much power or water: This is often a sign that the functionality of your machine is not running up to normal functioning levels. This may indicate that your power supply and electrical supply are damaged or faulty and in need of repair.

  4. Clothes are not being laundered properly: If clothes are being placed into the laundry machine and coming out after a cycle are still soiled or not clean, it is a strong indicator that there are parts and electrical pieces that are damaged.

Spin cycles are not functioning properly: This can often be due to the age of your machine and can happen naturally over time. This is often an indicator of a faulty or damaged motor. If your laundry machine is unable to move into the next cycle, it may be an indicator that your timer is no longer working or if your washing machine cycles are not heating up, it can be a sign that you have a faulty heating connection.

  Where Can I Find Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair in Fort Myers?

If you are doing routine checks of your laundry machines and find that you are in need of laundry equipment repairs, Commercial Laundries Inc. offers equipment repairs for washing machines and dryers. Our team will come out to your Fort Myers commercial laundry facility to evaluate the repairs needed and provide you with a quote for the repairs along with helping you to find cost-effective parts that will help to successfully repair your machine with highly efficient, name-brand parts.

When you buy or lease laundry equipment with Commercial Laundries, you will be offered comprehensive maintenance plans that will provide you with the peace of mind that your laundry machines will be upheld. When you have a maintenance plan with us, our experienced laundry technicians will regularly visit your laundry facility to perform routine evaluations of your machines and catch any repairs that are needed in the early stage to ensure that the operation of your commercial laundry facility will remain smooth and uninterrupted.

If your machines do experience breakdowns or are in need of repairs, contact our skilled technicians who will be out to your facility within the same day or the next day to provide routine checkups. Our team is dedicated to maintaining the longevity of your machines and supporting you in maintaining an exceptional level of professionalism and efficiency for your commercial laundry facility.

  What Are the Top Brands of Commercial Laundry Equipment?

At Commercial Laundries, we strive to provide our customers with only the best in leading brand-name washing machines and dryers. You’re putting your trust in us to offer you laundry equipment that can withstand high volumes of usage while offering consistent, high-quality cleaning for clothes and linens. That is why we offer our customers only the best in laundry machine brands including the following brand names:

● Whirlpool: The brand name Whirlpool is a household name with a number of your appliances being made by this leading company. With Whirlpool, you can expect high levels of performance, modern features, and innovative designs that will enhance your commercial laundry facilities’ appearance and functionality.

● Miele: These laundry machines are based around providing exceptional efficiency in laundry cycles while maintaining a low energy and energy-saving machine. These economical machines offer a low consumption value while providing top-tier products and cleans.

● Speed Queen: These laundry machines were designed with commercial laundry functions in mind. With high-performance speeds that are designed to withstand heavy, regular usage, these rugged machines are designed for long-lasting, top-tier performances.

Maytag: Another popular brand name for all household appliances, Maytag has developed laundry equipment that is reliable and durable. These machines are carefully designed for longevity and superior performance for any commercial laundry facility.

  What if My Commercial Laundry Equipment Can’t Be Repaired?

After having one of our expert technicians out to your facility to repair your machines and finding that you are unable to repair your commercial laundry machine, Commercial Laundries offers a number of options for machine replacements. Customers have the option of buying or leasing new equipment for their facility depending on their preference. We offer a number of new, modern machines from top brand names in laundry equipment that will meet the growing demands of your laundry facility and provide long-lasting performance and cycle results.

For some commercial laundry facility owners, buying a machine outright may not be the best option for you at the time. You may want more time to decide what type of machine will work best for you and your customers. Our laundry equipment leasing program enables you to lease out the washing machine or dryer of your choice for a reasonable leasing payment option that works within your budget while offering your customers high-quality machines. If you lease laundry equipment with us, you will be offered a free maintenance plan that will give you the peace of mind that your machines will be taken care of and maintained with no additional costs.

  Commercial Laundries Offers Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair in Fort Myers

At Commercial Laundries, we are dedicated to providing Fort Myers residents with top-quality machines and peace of mind that your commercial laundry equipment will have the proper maintenance. You want your commercial laundry facility to be operational and successful and our team wants the same for you. We offer extensive care and concern for all of our customers by offering leading brand name machines, onsite maintenance checks, and a wide selection of new or used laundry machines that you can replace your damaged machines with. Call us at 239-208-5216 or visit our website to see the selection of laundry equipment we have available and hear about the maintenance plans we can offer you and your business.